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The Hate Speech Project

As social media promotes and empowers the freedom of speech, this has also led others to use this opportunity to target specific groups through it. This type of anti-social usage of language is also known as ”Hate Speech". In particular, on behalf of "Gender-Aware", this project offers to provide a linguistic analysis of the different types of hate speech found on one of the popular social media platforms: "Twitter"



A portion of the post stream from Twitter will be filtered using vocabulary taken from HateBase -- an online Hate-Speech Vocabulary database. We will be working in close conjunction with both sources to provide a randomized sample of the post stream.


Typology and Analysis

The flagged twitter posts will be further categorized into different typologies of hate speech. This includes, "Early Warning", "Dehumanization" and "Violence". The nature of these hate speeches and its occurrences will also be examined.



The occurrences in each category of hate speech will then be tallied for each type of hate speech. We will also provide some further analysis and theory of these results. The study can be found here:

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