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Gender-Bias Language in Job Posting

The usage of language in job advertisements is critical in recruiting workers. At times, the appropriate usage of language may lead to gender-insensitive language that often results in gender marginalization(Both Intended and Unintended)

Unintended language discrimination

The usage Gender-Biased language may at times be integrated unconsciously. The user may be used to working in environments where the usage of gender-biased language is considered a norm. Such terms may include Guys or Gals, Dude, Bros…. Though it at times not considered discriminatory in an informal setting, such subtle language should not be used in a formal setting: Job Advertising. View how to eliminate the unconscious usage of the gender-biased language here:

Implications & Effects

Employers may favor one gender over for a range of different reasons. However, deterring or discouraging certain genders due to their identity often results in some serious economical and health implications for both the company and the individual. Other than barring its victims from possible opportunities, the presence of gender bias in job advertisements, like sexist hate speech, provides an unwelcoming environment to its victims, which may negatively impact their mental wellness. Such as damaging confidence, creating anxiety or insecurity further down the path. Moreover, there are also times that gender may outperform another favored gender in certain fields, however by explicitly deterring a gender from partaking in the job through gender-marginalized language,

Alternate Viewpoint

One may argue that the biological trait of the two different biological sexes(Not Genders) may be more favorable over the other in certain jobs. In one study, males are proven to have 90% more muscle mass than females[1], therefore making them more suitable in manual labor/labor-intense jobs than their female counterparts. Such jobs may include Construction workers, vehicle mechanics, or farming/landscaping. Whereas females are proven to have better verbal memory and social cognition [2], therefore making them suitable in corporate jobs such as secretary, treasurer, or even CEOs… However, this matter should be left to the job applicant (After all, jobs such as male nurses, female car mechanics are abundant throughout the society), and not to the employer to provide an equal opportunity to all.

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