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About the Foundation

Language discrimination has always been considered a social norm, however, this form of harassment has been more prevalent than ever. Millions of people globally face language discrimination on a daily basis. Ranging from unintentional verbal exchanges to hurtful internet hate speech, the irresponsible use of this language will often leave severe impacts on society.

Founders Message:

Gender Discrimination has always been a dark aspect of society hidden away until recent decades. It has not only plagued the largest portions of the population, but it has also left severe and long-lasting roots in the society. I founded the "Gender-Aware" foundation after seeing a sharp increase in the usage of gender-discriminatory language online during the COVID pandemic; this issue is more prevalent than ever; as individuals are able to target large gender groups online, through something as easy as a few clicks of a button. Hundreds of thousands of people are often borderline or marginalized by gender discriminatory language, unintentional and intentional, on a daily basis. What's worse, like racial-biased language, enough occurrences of it happening on an individual is enough to leave serious effects to its victims of the society as a whole. The foundation aims to combat language-based discrimination(Both online and in-person) by bringing nationwide awareness through a series of research, reeducation, and showcase events.

Tzu Chuan Yeh

Meet the Team

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